Hi Index+


Hi Index 1.6 prescription lenses

Introducing Rudy Project High Index hi+1.6™ our entry material of choice for patients with high prescriptions, or when lens thickness consideration is essential.


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The Rudy Project hi+ 1.6™ provides far superior optics and scratch resistance when compared to traditional polycarbonate lenses and will offer amazing impact resi- stance over traditional plastic or glass lenses. They have superior optical qualities, eli- minate distortion, greatly enhanced cosmetic appearance, and offer lighter weight for unsurpassed comfort.

High index lenses have a lower specific gravity than their traditional glass and plastic counterparts. Translated, these lenses are less dense. Other aspects, such as center thickness, decentration, and frame choice will also impact the finished product. The advantage of this is that a lens can be created using less material, therefore having less bulk and weight. Minus lenses are thicker at the outer edge; a high index lens decreases this, diminishing the bottle effect when seen form the side. Internal reflections will also be decreased.


Hi+1.6™ LENSES

Hi Index 1.6 Transparent Lenses


Hi Index 1.6 Racing Red Lenses

Hi Index 1.6 Golf/Tennis

Hi Index 1.6 Laser Gold Lenses

Hi Index 1.6 Multilaser Blue

Hi Index 1.6 Smoke Lenses

Hi Index 1.6 Laser Black Lenses



The Rudy Project hi+1.6™ is a superior high index advanced substrate polymer designed to provide many advantages:


  • lenses are 30% thinner and lighter than regular plastic materials
  • Abbe value of 41 (D), higher than most standard high index or polycarbonate lenses
  • strong and durable material which may be surfaced down to 1.3 mm center thickness (meeting FDA standards)
  • high impact resistance level
  • compatible with hard coating and AR coating
  • highest quality material for rimless platforms
  • specific gravity of 1.3g/cc
  • powered by Shamir®



Lens Specs



Blank diameter (mm): 80
Index Ne: 1.597
Abbe Value Ve: 41
Density gr/cm3: 1.30
Prescription range Sphere (D) Cyl up to -4.00 (D): -9.00 to +8.25




Lenses with higher indices also reflect more than standard plastic and glass. Because of this, anti-reflective coating is especially important. Additional reflections will be distracting in day to day activities such as night driving and computer use. Impurities, water drops, dust, scratches will heavily influence the comfort of high index lenses, for these reasons, Rudy Project offers 2 optional coatings:


  • AR coating, our quality standard anti-reflection coating
  • Diamond Coat™, our new premium coating.