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Triathlon - genetyk
Triathlon  - noyz
Triathlon  - gozen
triathlon - kylix
Triathlon  - Noyz
Wingspan - Ryzer
Wingspan - Genetyk Racing Pro
Triathlon - Swifty Racing White
Triathlon - Noyz Green Fluo
Wingspan - Swifty Racing White
Wingspan - Genetyk Racing Pro
Wingspan - Swifty Racing White


Pure effort. Exceeding all limits, physically and psychologically. Iron will. The triathlon requires of its athletes sacrifice and dedication, versatility, durability and great athletic ability. The triathlon wants iron men, and for all iron men Rudy Project have designed specific triathlon glasses, guaranteeing:




  • The lenses do not mist over thanks to the ventilation systems Air System, Air Channel and Vent Controller


  • Optimum vision in any environment thanks to the interchangeable lenses systems, Quick Change™ and Flip Change™.



  • Protection from wind, dust and shocks due to falls thanks to the ImpactX™ technology lenses, guaranteed unbreakable for life


  • Perfect vision in all weather and light conditions with Multilaser lenses that offer total protection from the sun, and the Photochromic lenses, capable of handling the light over the whole day


  • Top level performance thanks to the revolutionary technology of the cycling helmets, such as the Wingspan model, tested in a wind tunnel to get the ultimate in aerodynamics.


Rudy Project provides the essential kit of running and cycling glasses along with the most sophisticated and technically advanced cycling helmets. And for a top performance use the Rudy Project triathlon sunglasses with the advanced Wingspan aerodynamic triathlon helmet to beat every record.

For all the athletes who suffer visual defects Rudy Project offers a wide range of prescription glasses for triathlon.