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Synonymous with freedom and adventure, for aficionados the motorbike is much more than a means of transport. It's an integral part of their being, a lifestyle, whether you to go down broad and solitary roads, whether you opt for furious burn-outs or dangerous freestyling.

Whatever the specialty of your choice, Rudy Project motorbike sunglasses accompany motorcyclists, always guaranteeing:




  • Protection from wind, dust, bumps and drops thanks to the ImpactX™ technology lenses, guaranteed unbreakable for life


  • Total protection in even the most daring adventures, with a series of motorbike goggles specifically designed for top level performance


For those who suffer from sight defects, Rudy Project has created a system that allows you to insert a custom corrective insert inside the motorbike goggles or motorbike sunglasses.