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Dedication, hard work, concentration and passion. Cycling is pure sacrifice, and every athlete is competing not only against the lows in condition and tension, but also against those due to long days in the saddle and difficult weather conditions.
This is why Rudy Project has created a series of cycling glasses that best meet the needs of those who have to face stamina-sapping races and gruelling workouts in the mountains.
Rudy Project has been collaborating for over 25 years with professional cyclists such as Ivan Basso and Vincenzo Nibali. They listen to their needs and pick up on what they need.

Rudy Project cycling glasses guarantee:




  • the lenses do not mist over thanks to the ventilation systems, Air System, Air Channel and Vent Controller.




  • Protection from wind, dust and shocks due to falls thanks to ImpactX™ technology lenses, guaranteed unbreakable for life.


  • Perfect vision in all weather and light conditions with Multilaser lenses that offer total protection from the sun, and photochromic lenses, capable of handling light over the whole day.


Rudy Project pays attention to the needs of athletes with sight defects and has created a broad range of prescription cycling glasses. The lenses can be tailored to individual correction needs.

You will also find the same qualities of safety, technology and style in Rudy Project cycling helmets and cyclewear. The Rudy Project's road cycling helmets are extremely lightweight and perfectly comfortable. Rudy Project's  bike helmets  assure the best aerodynamic  efficiency and an exceptional ventilation.